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  • Number one rule only the creator of the wiki can edit this page.

About editing

  • No offensive articles with sexual implication, suggestive themes, vulgar language, or racist remarks.
  • Never reveal/show any of yours, or any other user's personal info.
    • Refrain from editing as annon, because people can see your IP number that way and IP numbers contain info about you.
  • Always edit in a formal way and with proper spelling. That includes user pages, blogs and forums.
  • Keep in mind that this wiki, even though it is an anime club for fun, is very strict about grammar. So try not to make spelling or grammar mistakes, as much as you can.
  • Also always remember to add capitals on the pages you create. 
  • Do not create the same page twice.
  • Do not add too many pictures in pages (including user pages), blogs and forums, unless you have a gallery.
  • Every article (expect this one) should have a picture.
    • Pages about characters should have a slider.
  • Do not make pages with a grammatically wrong name.
  • Don't get into edit wars with other user, try to talk the problem out on the talk page, or ask an administrator to solve the problem.
  • Also it is pretty obvious what is going to happen if you vandalize a page, or you do any personal attacks on other users. In case you don't know, you get a warning and than a block and if you continue you are banned forever from the wiki.
  • Be careful not to mess up a page's text, by either adding pictures on a very large resolution or too many pictures. So when you post a picture, always add the pictures in thumb, because the wiki's aspect is for the reader to see the text clear without the pictures taking too much space. 
  • Users should focus more on creating pages like: what do you like about a character, saga, episode or a story and such.
  • Don't spam on pages.
  • Don't advertise external, non-wiki sites.

About Blogs

  • Don't respond to fanboys or trolls, or curse back at them in any way.
    • Don't feed the trolls.
  • Don't make fan boy blogs to prove something that it's not true, or a blog post about a wiki you made to harass users.
  • Don't, ever make a blog to harass, or to personaly attack a user, you could get a permanent(or a pretty long one) block from this site, if you do this.
  • Don't let an argument on a blog to get out of control and also don't insult other users, in case it does get out of control.
    • Don't target or attack other users on blogs, nor make comments to vote for people to stop commenting on the blog.
  • Don't make useless blogs.
  • Don't make blogs about which series has the strongest charactes, everyone is entitled to its opinion and such blogs could lead to arguments.

About uploading Files

  • Upload only good quality images(it is preferable, you won't get blocked or anything if you upload, a low quality file).
  • Upload only Anime related images, don't upload pictures of yourselvers, or anything unrelated.
  • Upload only Anime related videos.
  • Don't upload duplicate images(If an image already exists theres no reason for you to upload it a second time, although you won't get any punishement if you do upload the duplicate file, it would just make the administrators's job easier, if you follow that rule.
  • Try to always add the license, on pictures you upload(It is very important that you do that, you won't get blocked or anything in case you don't add it, but it is very helpful if you add it, so an administrator won't have to).

About What Did You Like Articles

  • Pages about characters should have a slider.
  • Pages about movies, sagas, specials and episodes should just have pictures, or a slideshow, do not add a slider on these pages.

About Canon Articles

  • Canon articles with information about an anime series are not allowed here in general. You can only create some brief summaries, for characters in one page. Since this wiki, is a fan club wiki for fun and not another canon Anime wiki. 

About Fanon Articles

  • You can create some Fanon technique pages for fun only on blogs, but not too many, 10 should be the maximum.
  • Don't make fanon technique pages, without stating so, in the article's name.

For example:

  1. Super Blast (fanon technique)
  • Don't make fanon technique pages, without a picture and an info box.
  • Don't make fanon technique pages with small text.
  • Pages about fanon Characters are not allowed on this wiki.
  • Fan Fictions are not allowed on this wiki, use the fanon wiki for this kind of pages.

About users and users promotions

About Administrators

  • Do not ask to be an administrator, you will not become one. If a user has proper way of editing, helps the wiki and other users, adds content on the wiki and in general helps the wiki, he will probably become an administrator.
  • To become an Administrator a user must have at leat 4000 edits on articles, or good coding skills, like knowing how to edit Media wiki.
  • If an Administrator is inactive, his sysop rights will be removed.

About Bureaucrats

  • It is highly unlikely that you become a bureaucrat, as in this wiki, we pick bureaucrats only in special cases, because of the fact that their rights can't be removed easily in case they do something wrong.
  • Only the most trustworthy users can become bureacrat skills.
  • Only users that have coding skills can become bureaucrats.(Although people that don't have coding skills, could become bureucrats, if the leadership of the site is ever passed to one of the Administrators).
  • People that become bureaucrats must be very skilled editors.

About Rollbackers

  • If you want to become a rollbacker, feel free to ask.

About Users

  • All users should have a custom Signature.
  • All users should have an avatar.

About Users that leave the site

  • If you ever leave this wiki, you should find someone to replace you first, in case you have any special rights.

About Language

  • Please always edit in english language, this site is in english so the pages and edits should be too.
  • If you see comments in another language, either remove them if you're an administrator, or translate them, again if you're an administrator, since normal users can't edit other users's comments.
  • If somebody adds content to page, in a different language then english, please remove that content from the page.

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