• That Uknown L!

    Looking around wikia, I found a lot of inactive db wikis or wikis with low activity, so I'm making a list of those wikis(please fill me if you know any db wiki, that hasn't been added.):

    • Dragon Ball Wars Wiki The wiki is starting to have a bit activity, not much though.
    • Dragon Ball AF Wiki
    • Dragon Ball AF Fanon Wiki
    • Dragon Ball Multiverse Wiki
    • Dragon Ball Z Wiki
    • Dragon Ball Online Wiki
    • Dragon Ball Redux Wiki
    • Super Dragon Ball Finale Wiki
    • Dragon Ball Forever Wiki
    • DBZ Another Future Wiki
    • DBZ BT3 Wiki
    • Dragon Ball (universe)
    • DB/Z/GT Wiki
    • Saiyans Wiki
    • Androids Wiki
    • The Dragon ball fanon Wiki
    • Dragon Ball Z Rivals Wiki
    • Final DBZ Wiki
    • Dragon Ball Z: Fighting Games Wiki
    • False Dragon Ball Wiki
    • DragonBall Extreme Wiki
    • DBZ Maja Future Wiki
    • Dragon…
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